Help I’ve Lost My Air Conditioning

If your home air conditioning system is broken or on the fritz, don’t panic. Just follow this checklist to see if you can fix the problem yourself. If you can’t, contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

Keep in mind that on extremely hot days, your air conditioner may have trouble “keeping up” with the temperature setting. (If it’s 95° out, it will be hard to cool your home down to 65°.)

If your system does not run:

  • Your thermostat may be set on “heat” or the temperature setting may be above the room’s temperature.
  • Check your fuses or circuit breakers.
  • Check the position of the disconnect switch in the box next to the outdoor condenser.

If your system runs but there is no cool air:

  • Shut off all power switches and check the air filter. Clean or change the filter if it’s dirty.
  • Check vents and registers just to make sure that they are open. Remove anything you detect blocking airflow.