New Equipment

Pallett Sells And Installs All Major Brands of Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment

We will evaluate your cooling and heating needs and provide you with a free estimate for an energy efficient system that will keep your home comfortable year round.

Whether you are looking for a FURNACE, BOILER, AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM, HEAT PUMP SYSTEM OR WATER HEATER, look no further than Pallett Heating and Cooling.

We understand that replacing the Heating and Cooling Equipment in your home is a major decision and a significant investment.  We want you to know that you are not alone…..Pallett will be with you every step of the way…..

From the technician delivering the “bad news”

Our technicians are trained to repair your Heating and Cooling equipment.  They will always do what they can to extend the life of your current equipment.  Even when the technician recommends that it is time to replace your system, he will still give you options to repair rather than replace.  However, sometimes that’s just not possible. 

If the Service Technician determines that the system is beyond repair, he will put you in contact with our Home Comfort Specialist.

From the Home Comfort Specialist 

Our Home Comfort Specialist will take the time to give a thorough evaluation of your home to determine the type and size of equipment that you need.  We will not replace your equipment based solely on the type and size that you already have or simply use the square feet of your home to calculate what type and size equipment you need.   We truly believe in what our Vision Statement says, “the right way to do business is to do business right.” 

Here are some of the things you should expect from our Home Comfort Specialist:

  • He will come to your home to obtain the necessary information to provide you with the best options for your equipment replacement. He will sit and talk with you about your home and your heating and cooling needs.  He will listen to you because the fact is, this is your home and nobody knows it better than you!
  • He will perform a Load Calculation of your home using the following information:
    • The size and shape of your home
    • The size, type and orientation of windows
    • The exterior material used to build your home
    • The type and condition of insulation
    • The type, placement and condition of the ductwork system
  • If you are converting from an Oil heating system, he will give you options for your current Heating Oil Tank Removal or Abatement.
  • If you are converting to Natural Gas, he will contact the Gas Company to be sure that it is available to your home. If gas lines are not currently installed to your home, he will work with the Gas Company to have this done.
  • He will discuss any and all Payment Options available to you which may include:
    • 90 days same as cash
    • 12 Months, Interest free financing
    • Third party financing companies offering longer payment term options
  • He will inform you of any Promotions, Discounts and Rebates that are available to you
  • He will make certain that from Proposal to Installation, your new equipment will be in accordance with all Mechanical Codes related to your new equipment.
  • If you are completely without Heating or Cooling, he will even provide temporary Space Heaters or Window Air Conditioning Units for you to use until your installation is complete and your Heating or Cooling is fully functioning.

From the Install Crew 

Our Install Crews consist of top-notch professional employees of Pallett Heating and Cooling—never Sub-contractors.  We make certain that the people we send to your home have been properly screened and extensively trained.  Here are some of the things you should expect from our Install Crew:

  • They will arrive on time.
  • They will be courteous and respectful to you and your home.
  • They will evaluate what needs to be accomplished and will work to minimize time and maximize workmanship.
  • All work will be performed in accordance with the International Mechanical Code and/or the International Fuel Gas Code
  • All equipment will be tested to assure maximum operating efficiency and maximum safety
  • The work area will be left cleaner than before they arrived.

From the Office Staff

Once your installation is complete, our office staff will be sure to continue the top-notch service that you have grown accustomed to. Here are some of the things you should expect from our Office Staff after your Installation:

  • The invoice you receive will be exactly as it was agreed upon on your Proposal from our Home Comfort Specialist.
  • Any finance arrangements that have been made will be properly documented.
  • Your Manufacturer’s Warranty will be properly registered with the Manufacturer and any documentation will be sent to you with your invoice.
  • If an inspection by the local municipality is necessary, our Office Staff will coordinate scheduling a convenient appointment with the inspector.
  • You will receive notifications regarding warranty requirements and expirations.

When you find yourself in the market for new Heating and Cooling Equipment, don’t panic.  Simply call us at 757-545-5569 or contact us to get started.